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May 21, 2018

Foxstone's Content Management System (Content Console) is a collection of site management tools that allow you to modify pages on your website using no more than your favorite browser (IE, Opera, Firefox, etc.)

If you have ever used a word processor like MS-Word, MS-Works, Word Perfect, you can easily create and update your website content and organized your website development. Foxstone's management system hides all the cryptic web formatting and allows you to concentrate on the look, feel, and content. (Of course, for those technically inclined, you can still access the raw HTML code.)

In the arena of CMS systems, you will find Foxstone's Content Console one of the easiest to use.

Sample pages 2, 3, and 4 are editable with the Content Console that you can reach on the Maint Page.

Login: guest1      Password: guest1

Note: Feel free to make changes; but, the site content reverts to its base content every 5 and 35 minutes after the hour.

Edit your pages easily with our content management system which looks and feels like a word processor on the web.

Easily accomplish bullet lists, indents, tables, links, graphics, bold, underlining, centering, and justification just as you would using an editor on your local PC. Experiment with changes without affecting the live website.

After making changes, you can instantly apply them to the live website with one click, no complicated FTP programs required.


The Content Console allows you to backup (save) copies of the live website page to a database from which you can restore from instantly.

Not only is this handy (actually a must) before making changes that could affect your site, this allows you to keep multiple versions of your pages in the database.

You can switch between saved versions with ease or recover from embarassing typos instantly.

We offer two methods uploading your pictures and graphics.

We supply the FTP address that you can plug into IE6 directly, or into your Windows Explorer. This method allows you "drag & drop" files between your local PC and the dedicated graphics folder on your website. Alternatively, you may use any File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client to maintain your graphics folder.

Click on Upload Graphics on the Maint Page to see a more detailed description.


The Content Console allows you to change many of the elements that the Search Engines find important.

You have the ability to change your site's title (the information that display at the top of the browser). You may also change the META tags that hold the site description and keywords.

The site description and keywords (coupled with your site's actual content) are extremely important to Search Engines.

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